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World Humanitarian Day 2011 - Save the date !

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This is a friendly reminder to Save the Date for World Humanitarian Day on Friday the 19th August at 5pm! All humanitarians and friends of humanitarians (and everyone else for that matter!) currently in Geneva at the time will be congregating around the University area of Parc des Bastions for an evening of interesting panel discussions, speeches by top UN officials, and mingling in and around the booths and tents that will be set up on the grass.

World Humanitarian Day is a special day to commemorate those who work in difficult situation, putting the life at risk and even often loosing it to help people in need of assistance. This year in Geneva, the day will be dedicated more specifically to all those humanitarian workers working in the dangerous context of Somalia to help and save million of victims of the famine in a war zone region.

We will be all meeting at 5pm at the Plaine de Plainpalais (end of the diamond shaped square next to the protestant Church) from where to start our annual walk toward the Parc des Bastions for the main event. After a panel discussion focus on Somalia monitored by  Swiss TV anchorman Darius Rochebin and an introductory speech by the UN Director General in Geneva, we will be given the pleasure of listening to the UN Music Group,  whilst everybody moves around the different tents, and where the general public and professionals alike can discuss who humanitarians are and what they do.

Also don't forget the great food that will be on offer - two stalls will be serving up some delicious nibbles from Brazil and Senegal - and drinks will be on sale as well.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!




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